Featured Designer

API Draper’s reputation within the community is built upon the amazing interior designers that we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with over the years. It is with these interior designers that our unparalleled level of quality, elegance, and creativity can be achieved. Please take a moment to learn a bit about API Draper’s current Featured Designer.

California Designs, Inc

Ernie RushingCalifornia Designs, Inc., located in Juno Beach, is one of Southeast Florida’s most versatile interior design companies. A team full of experienced designers, California Designs, Inc. specializes in the finest wool and nylon carpet lines, superior quality hardwood shutters and flooring, and elegant custom drapery and bedding. From hardwood floors, carpets and rugs, hardwood shutters, and window treatments, API Draper is proud to partner with California Design, Inc. to deliver stunning results.

Contact Ernie Rushing or Marianne Hannan • www.CaliforniaDesigns.com

Marc Janecki Designs

Marc JaneckiFrom Palm Beach to Washington, D.C., Marc Janecki Designs has certainly made its mark on the interior design world. Treating each and every project individually, Marc Janecki bases his work on diversity, ensuring that his clients’ personality is reflected in the interior design. Combining style with impeccable taste, Mark Janecki Designs makes a perfect fit within API Draper’s mission to exceed client expectations.

Marc Janecki DesignsMarc Janecki DesignsMarc Janecki Designs

Contact Marc Janecki • www.marcjaneckidesign.com

Lorrie Browne Interiors

Lorrie BrowneHaving served the Palm Beach area for over 15 years, Lorrie Browne Interiors has built a design team who focuses on aesthetics and functionality of a home’s interior. Taking a strategic approach to interior design, Lorrie Browne Interiors’ systematics design process keeps the project moving along in a timely manner, while safeguarding design goals and objectives. API Draper has worked with Lorrie Brown Interiors for 15 years producing superior results for our clients.

Lorrie Browne InteriorsLorrie Browne InteriorsLorrie Browne Interiors

Contact Lorrie Browne • www.LB-interiors.com

Marilynn Berke Interior Design Associates

Marilynn BerkeMarilynn Berke Interior Design Associates is a place where elegance meets exquisite style. Working in South Florida for over 25 years, Marilynn Berke Interior Design Associates has formulated a team of highly skilled professionals who provide a comprehensive design service. With a shared passion for client satisfaction, API Draper has had great success working with Marilynn Berke Interior Design Associates.

Marilynn Berke Interior Design AssociatesMarilynn Berke Interior Design AssociatesMarilynn Berke Interior Design Associates

Contact Marilynn Berke or Zwmmy Arky • www.Marilynnberke.com